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Oaktree July 2024 Announcements



?All clinics closed for Canada Day ?



Veronique Savoie is away July 17th to 19th


Dr. Vanessa is away July 19th to 25th



Veronique Savoie is away July 15th to 19th


Dr. Katrina Greer is away July 11th to 19th.

(Dr. Vanessa will be covering her shift on the 11th. Dr. Veronica will be covering her shift on the 12th.)



Dr. Marie-Pier Sauriol will be away starting July 29th to August 5th.


Welcome Hedyeh Payamipour at the Stittsville/Kanata clinic, covering Catherine Collier as she’s on maternity leave!

This transition will be happening from July 2024 – February 2025

Orleans Acupuncture


Orleans is highlighting community acupuncture!

For a discounted rate of $80, you can enjoy acupuncture in a community setting, sharing calming, healing energy amongst yourselves.


Orleans is starting facial acupuncture!

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