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Acupuncture Throughout Pregnancy

By Veronique Savoie, Downtown and Orleans Acupuncturist

Did you know that acupuncture throughout your pregnancy can be beneficial? And how, you ask?

Receiving regular acupuncture treatments before giving birth has been shown to reduce labour time, minimize the need for artificial oxytocin, aid in cervical ripening, decrease perception of pain, diminish stress, and help with postpartum recovery. Patients report decreased need for epidurals and statistics show decreased need for cesareans, as well as increased spontaneous vaginal delivery.

Depending on where you’re at in your pregnancy journey, we will shift the focus on what is most needed at that time. We might address health concerns from a TCM perspective, treat any musculo-skeletal tension, boost endorphin production, bring down stress, focus on softening the cervix, stimulate contractions and help descend the baby. Ideally we would see you throughout your pregnancy, but even just a few treatments in the last few weeks before labour has been shown to improve the birthing experience.

Veronique Savoie RAc has recently taken an intense prenatal focused course by Rebecca Bergeron RAc and Doula, and she is ready to share some of the techniques and introduce new protocols to our Oaktree patients. If you have any questions regarding your pregnancy and acupuncture feel free to contact us and we can set up a complimentary Q&A session with our Acupuncturist. If you are ready to dive in and book your first appointment you can either go online or contact us over the phone!

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