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Veronique Savoie, Acupuncturist

Veronica Savoie

Even the “healthiest” people need a little boost. I’m happy to be that person to help jump-start their goals.

Veronique is passionate about helping others feel their best selves. She wants to work with her patients, looking at the big picture to create a well rounded plan. She has a special interest in the mind and body connection, as well as the effects of proper nutrition and gut health, and having a balanced lifestyle.

“Achieving full homeostasis is unlikely, but I would like to treat patients before help is “needed”, and get them as close to it as possible. Chinese medicine is preventative, so even those who think they feel fine could benefit from a seasonal treatment. ”

Education and Experience

The multiple areas of education that Veronique has demonstrate her thirst for knowledge. She received a BA in Modern Languages and then continued to explore Psychology. She received a diploma in Natural Nutrition but still felt like something was missing. Veronique enrolled at the International Academy of Applied Health in Herbology and Acupressure, but it was only with Acupuncture that she finally found her calling. Before finishing her Acupuncture diploma, she began to expand her knowledge by participating in both Dr Eileen’s Core Foundation using Dr Tan’s Method, and Virginia Doran’s Full Facial Rejuvenation Series.

With 20 years of experience in customer service working in restaurants, Veronique has a unique ability to help patients find a balance with health and well-being, all while still indulging in life’s little pleasures.

Outside the Clinic

Throughout her years of working in restaurants, Veronique has acquired in-depth knowledge in wine, earning qualifications in Wine and Spirits Education Trust and Wine Scholar Guild. Her favourite food is cheese without a doubt, which was solidified while in New York participating in a 3-day intense cheese “Bootcamp.” She loves to travel, always making sure to balance the simple things, spending time in nature, getting lost in the streets, and also finishing with a memorable meal or show.


Acupuncturist Veronique Savoie | (613) 680-4325