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Acupuncture for Eye Disease and Macular Degeneration in Downtown Ottawa

Acupuncture on faceMacular degeneration and a host of other ailments can result in significant vision loss. Oaktree Chiropractic & Acupuncture is pleased to offer acupuncture for eye conditions. Martin at our downtown location is one of the only specifically trained acupuncturists in Ottawa to offer progressive therapies to fight eye disease, improve your vision and maintain healthy eyesight.

Your Tailored Program

Through analysis of your lifestyle and addressing underlying conditions, a treatment program is developed to improve your vision and promote whole body health.

As you age, the macula breaks down, and conventional medicine takes a wait and see approach to treatment. It does not examine underlying conditions and imbalances that may contribute to or cause degenerative eye disease.


What can acupuncture treatments do for your eyes?

There are many positive effects, such as increased vision, reduced stress and anxiety, diminished pain and an overall improved lifestyle. The many eye conditions we address include

  • Macular degeneration
  • Eye strain, from computer use
  • Diabetic retinopaty
  • Dry eyes
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • And much more

Improvements in your vision may take time and it is essential to maintain your recovered vision. Maintenance treatments will help you retain recovered eyesight and continue to reduce the effects of degenerative eye conditions. Martin will help you develop an individualized treatment plan with your vision health goals in mind.

How will my treatment plan be developed?

Your first visit will be a 15-minute consultation to discuss your eye concerns and the treatment protocol. This can be done in person, or on the phone if you prefer. From here, the protocol would start with a complete examination by a local optometrist with which we are connected. They would perform specific scans and tests, which would be all part of the acupuncture package (no extra fee). Once the scans are complete we will develop a customized acupuncture treatment.

How long can I expect to receive acupuncture?

Here is an example of a typical eye treatment protocol for macular degeneration:

  • Two treatments per day with a one-hour break in between
  • Needles would be inserted in the hands, feet and eyebrows. No needles will go in the eyes.
  • Treatments will be from Monday to Friday for two weeks
  • Once the first two weeks are complete, you will visit an optometrist for additional testing to compare pre and post treatment results

To maintain the positive results of you acupuncture treatment, we usually recommend acupuncture once a week, although some people are able to spread that to once per month. In certain cases, in the first year, we may recommend a follow-up intensive two-week treatment several months later. These recommendations will vary based on the stage of the initial problem.

Can I use acupuncture as an alternative to other treatments?

Yes! A whole body holistic approach is key to your health and wellness.

Acupuncture can also support and compliment conventional and alternative treatments you are exploring. Acupuncture focuses on overall wellness and reducing stress. The positive results you experience from acupuncture treatments will carry through to positive whole body health. The reduction of pain for many can reduce the need for pain and other medications, reducing side effects from these conventional treatments.

Are there risks to acupuncture for the treatment of eye conditions?

Like any treatment, there are certain risks when it comes to treatment of eye conditions through acupuncture. That’s why it’s important to choose an acupuncturist who has undergone specific training for the use of acupuncture in the treatment of eye conditions. Martin has gone through specific training to provide you with the best care for your body, mind, and soul. He is one of the only acupuncturists in the area that has received this training.

What can I expect my treatment to cost?

The fee for eye acupuncture is $100 per visit. An initial intensive plan for two weeks will cost $2000. There is th option of doing a one week intensive for $1,000. All scans, testing from external providers and examinations are included in this fee.

Find the Solutions You Need

We’ve been fortunate to have helped numerous people in our area. We’d love to be a part of your healing. Contact us today to learn more about acupuncture for eye disease and macular degeneration Downtown Ottawa, Orleans and Stittsville!

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