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Catherine Collier, Acupuncturist

Catherine Collier, AcupuncturistCatherine has always had an interest in holistic health, and was on a personal quest to find the right path for her. Following a sports accident that resulted in post-concussion syndrome and chronic struggles to heal physically and mentally, Catherine personally experienced the incredible benefits of acupuncture. Her passion to learn more about this ancient medicine and philosophy was ignited.

She took courses on the side of a successful career with the federal government, and as she learned more about the interconnections of body, mind and spirit, she could no longer ignore her desire to pursue this full-time. Catherine feels privileged to work as an acupuncturist, and looks forward to meeting you wherever you are on your own health journey!

Life outside Acupuncture

In Catherine’s spare time, she likes to practice yoga and meditation, swim, garden, and ideally, she is surrounded by animals.


Acupuncturist Catherine Collier | (613) 680-4325