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New Patients

At Oaktree Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we do things differently than at other clinics. You’ll be treated just like we would treat a member of our family. We’ll strive to make a difference in your health and life. Our focus is on finding and correcting the cause of your problem. If you want to know what to expect at your visits to us, read more below!

Your First Visit

When we meet you, you’ll be warmly greeted and given some paperwork to fill out. Then, you’ll be given a thorough examination.

For chiropractic, this health history and examination analyzes for stress in your nervous system and any other imbalances that are effecting your health. If X-rays are needed, we will discuss this with you once you have been examined. We do have X-Ray on site. We ask that you plan approximately an hour for this first visit.

For acupuncture, we will do a thorough history to fully understand your present health and any challenges you are going through. We will then perform tests to help put all the pieces together to plan the best course of action for your care. We ask that you plan approximately 30-45 minutes for this appointment.

If you’d like to save time, you can find the new patient paperwork on our website, download it and bring it in with you completed.


We’ll invite you back for a second visit called a report of findings. During this appointment, we’ll detail how acupuncture or corrective chiropractic works, and our specific plan of action for your health and your care.

If you’re receiving chiropractic care,your adjustments take just a few minutes, so we ask that you plan for approximately 15 minutes. A typical acupuncture appointment takes about 30 minutes, so we ask that you plan approximately 45 minutes to come in and get settled first.

Often, our patients find us because they’re in pain and want relief. Our first priority is to make you comfortable again. After this initial, intensive care stage has passed, we work toward correcting the source of your problem. When you’ve reached a higher level of health, we’ll invite you to continue with wellness care. With ongoing chiropractic and acupuncture, you can enjoy optimal well-being.

With us, you’re the boss. You’re always in charge of your healthcare decisions, and we’ll support you.

Book Your First Appointment

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