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Martin Perras
Owner/Founder, Acupuncturist & TCM Practitioner

Making a Transformation

Acupuncturist Ottawa, Martin PerrasAt the young age of 25, Martin had it all: ownership of a successful company with Fortune 500 company clients all over the world and fantastic employees. Though he’d accomplished much, he felt that something was missing. He made a decision and sold his company, then looked for a career that would be about serving others.

With the help of his brilliant and beautiful wife Dr. Emilie, he began to explore the world of healthcare. Much careful consideration led him to studying Chinese Medicine. “It’s all about prevention, which is important to me. I focus on getting my patients well and then keeping them healthy.”

Applicable to a Broad Array of Concerns

For more than 3000 years, people have been healed through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Martin takes a holistic approach to addressing your needs in mind, body and soul. The many conditions these solutions can help with include headaches, jaw pain, neuropathy, addiction, depression/anxiety, heart disease, fertility, high blood pressure, menopause, weight loss and much, much more.

Life Outside of the Office

In Martin’s spare time, he loves to be active with his three kids. He and Dr. Emilie strive to live with joy and create the life they want for their family. Martin likes to go running, spend time outdoors and make nutritious whole-food meals. He is passionate about helping people heal.

Martin Perras | (613) 680-4325