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Let's Get Moving Again

by Dr. Vanessa, Downtown Chiropractor

JoggersThe gyms are still closed, our favourite yoga studio isn’t open yet, group fitness classes that kept you accountable aren’t running anymore. So now what?

Unfortunately most of us have been stuck at home, sitting a lot more than we should and being more sedentary than our body is used to. Because of that I am here to remind you that we need to be making more of a conscious effort to get our bodies moving! Not only that, but did you know that being active has a positive effect on your immune system? Now more than ever during this pandemic we are needing to do all that we can to boost that immune system!

Home workouts such as brisk walking, biking, climbing stairs, yoga etc improves the immune response. But let’s be honest, a lot of us are having a hard time getting motivated, especially when it comes to those home workouts. We want to give you some tips to make it easier to get moving!

Get creative: If it’s a nice day out, take the dog for a walk, go play catch at the park, jump rope in the backyard, run around with your kids. Working out doesn’t always have to be an intense one hour workout. Take 30 minutes out of your day to do something you enjoy.

Find an accountability partner/get your family involved: Having an accountability partner to do it with you will get your motivated. Whether it’s a FaceTime workout, or a morning motivation text.

Plan your workout week: Before the week starts look at what you have planned so far. Getting a big picture of what your work week will look like will help you plan your workouts without any excuses.

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