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Oaktree Gold + Angel Tree!!

By Dr. Emilie Perras, Downtown Chiropractor

In December, we have a goal to help others, more than we usually do! ?

I want to talk about 3 missions we have right now:

1 – At Oaktree we always have an ongoing MISSION OF HELPING OUR PATIENTS thrive in health and life. You cannot imagine all the stories he hear of pregnancies, healthier babies, function restored, better health, chronic pain alleviated. It is so great to see people get healthier and it inspires us more!

2 – In December, we have an EVEN BIGGER MISSION! It’s GOLD! We want to help more people who are suffering, unsure where to turn or what to do with their health challenges.

Everyone at the clinic will be given a GOLD CARD. This will give the receiver a discounted new patient exam for chiro (x-rays included if needed) or a new patient exam for acupuncture + a first acupuncture session included.

As a thank you for sending someone, you get a GOLD thank you gift!

Please share this card with someone you know – so many people are at a loss for how to help their health. We can help!  It’s our favourite time of year because we get to meet some of your friends and family (or your Uber drivers, lol)!!!

Also, many people who are already patients in chiropractic or acupuncture use the Gold card to try the other discipline. It’s a great opportunity to try it out. So pass out the card, and get more if you need ?

A special aside to any federal public servants: July 1st you finally got acupuncture in your benefit package. You can use a Gold card to get started if you’re new to acupuncture! Woo hoo!

3 – Finally, in December we have a MISSION TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY. Each clinic is helping out their community in their own way.

Downtown and Orleans have an angel tree with two families sponsored. These families are in very high need for basics (winter coats, gloves, etc…) plus a few ideas for gifts for kids. You can take an angel from the tree and it tells you a need/gift for that family. Bring it back wrapped and all the gifts will be brought to them right before Christmas

Stittsville is sponsoring the food bank to help families in need in their community. Please consider helping out!

We wish you all a very merry holiday season!

~Dr. Emilie

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