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Scoliosis Prevention

By Dr. Vanessa Jalbert-Caputo, Downtown Chiropractor

As a chiropractor, looking to the spine can tell us a lot about a patient’s overall health and pressure being put on the nervous system. Every spine is different, and some are worse than others. Sometimes we see abnormal curves that have developed over time, some of them being diagnosed as scoliosis.
When a patient is diagnosed with scoliosis, a common question we get asked is “Can this be corrected?”. Unfortunately, once someone reaches adulthood there is only so much structural correction that can be done. A big part of treatment and goals with scoliosis is prevention. Preventing the curves from getting worse along with making sure the spine is mobile, not allowing stressors to build up and cause more damage within the spine and nervous system.
This particular patient that I would like to share has seen some great results thus far! We worked on balancing out her pelvis and center her spine as much as possible since she had a significant lean to the left side. Because of this, it was putting even more stress on her body. Now she functions so much better, even if we could not 100% correct her spine.

The first X-ray was taken on her first visit. As mentioned there is a significant lean to the left.

The second X-ray is after 12 months where we can see her spine is closer to the center and her pelvis is balanced. She no longer has left sided hip pain, has more ability when doing yoga and working out, she has more energy throughout the day and is sleeping much better! What a win!!

Before XRay

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